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We specialize in providing solutions for businesses and their employees that are affordable and comprehensive.  Here you will find medical insurance plans for businesses as small as a sole proprietor, a much maligned and forgotten part of our economy.   Let us work with you to manage and select the right plans for your business.  Inflation is ravaging our profits.   Our plans will save you money and cut your costs.  These are plans that weren’t always available before.  We have plans that will allow you opt out of the state, community and or age rated plans (CT and NJ).  Click on the Health and Wellness link below to see what and how many plans are available.

Health & Wellness

From sole-proprietors to small and medium sized business to some of the largest organizations in the tri-state area, we help select the right health and dental insurance plans for their needs, and administer them for our clients.

Life & Disability

Is the security of your and your employees' families protected?  What if an unfortuate accident or disability kept you from your livelihood?  Rest easy knowing that your future and theirs is assured.  Our benefits team will help you find the options to fit your needs.

Retirement Planning

What are your goals for your golden years?  Will the investments you have made allow you to enjoy your retirement?  Our experts can help you prepare a retirement strategy for you and your employees, so you are prepared for a rewarding retirement when that time comes.

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